Study Opportunities

Study Opportunities

The Department offers a fellowship :FCNP(SA) Fellowship of the college of  Nuclear Physicians. There are currently three registrar posts. The department is also a training ground for student radiographers from the DUT. The department also gives lectures to sixth year medical students at UKZN to expose to Nuclear Medicine.

Registrar Programmes offered

FCNP (attach CMSA link)

 o Part I: 2 written papers

 o Part II: 2 written papers and an oral

Candidates who achieve the required marks in the written component of the FCNP(SA) Part II examination but who fail the clinical examination will be exempt from the written component of the next examination session. Such exemption applies to one sitting only and must be exercised in the following semester.


 o Part I: 12 months training in a department of nuclear medicine

 o Part II: 36 months in a numbered registrar post

Academic Meetings

 Academic programme includes:

– Case and Seminar presentation

– Therapy updates

– Journal club

– Research update and supervision

– Multi-disciplinary Team Meetings

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